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Rocky Mount Association for the Learning Disabled and Handicapped

         CESTC  - Center for Exceptional Students Twin Counties

The CORE Program and the Community Education Advocacy program  have been combined into one program referred to as "The Core Program". 

The CORE Program offers a reference library with informative books  and pamphlets on all exceptionalities for teachers, parents, and children. We also send out, upon request, information on disabilities and handicaps to professionals and parents.

ALDH also advocates for students which we now refer to as exceptional students with other agencies and school systems. We teach parents how to communicate and understand the school system, advise them of their rights, and keep them abreast of the latest information regarding the exceptional students who are learning disabled and handicapped or autistic.

We are also a referral service when approached for information and or assistance about  matters not in our area of expertise. We distribute printed materials and interact with other agencies to increase our resources and net working. One of the most rewarding aspects of this program is letting people know there is someone who cares, will listen, and be there for support and guidance.

Tutoring Program tutors exceptional students towards success. This program began in January of 1993. With extra help many of these exceptional students will be able to receive their diploma. Our goal is to reduce the dropout rate among exceptional Learning Disabled students. At the present time there are approximately 4,700 exceptional students in the areas two school systems. This tutoring program was replaces several years ago with our new tutoring program in conjunction with Wesleyan College and Dr. Brewers'  students in the  exceptional education curriculum. 

Our tutoring session for the Tarboro NC area this next session for  exceptional students after school will begin in September for the fall session.  Our Spring session begins after the new year.  We  currently work with 5 to 7 students and may expand to additional students next year.

Summer School is a three week program which is held each summer. The classes are taught by certified exceptional teachers with a ratio of 4 to 6 students per teacher. Innovative as well as proven teacher  methods are employed and each student has a lesson plan developed to meet their needs. Through evaluation forms, educators and parents have reflected positive results from previous years, and many students will return for several years. Our classes are  also accepted for promotion (when approval has been given) because most school systems do not have a summer school for Learning Disabled students. This is the only program of its kind in Eastern North Carolina.    

Our next session of Summer School begins in July 2018 at Englewood Methodist Church.